Шарени бањи во кои сигурно ќе сакате да се опуштите и да си потпевнувате под туш

Шарени бањи во кои сигурно ќе сакате да се опуштите и да си потпевнувате под туш

Ако сакате да ја направите вашата бања пошарена, со врата во светли бои, мали ситници и додатоци со различни дезени и бои, тогаш овие фотографии сигурно ќе ве инспирираат.

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What a difference 3 years makes!! 👉🏻 (swipe!) We finally have this bathroom functioning again! What we started at the beginning of all this came to a stand still when we were missing a drain piece. Zach finally ventured out yesterday to pick it up and now the sink works again! The vanity area is basically done now, but we still need to do all the harder stuff – floor, toilet, bathtub, and bath tile. In due time. We may have the toilet sitting in the box in our guest bedroom… 😬😂 I will say we have been super productive the past two weekends! We’ve been doing all the little crappy projects that we’ve had all the supplies for and just haven’t wanted to do. It’s felt so good to mark those items off our to-do list! 🙌🏻 It’s been nice to have this project to keep my mind preoccupied (I actually finished the wallpaper on the other wall last night too!). This is such a heavy time we are living in – I’ve had some really low points over the last couple weeks – but I’m hopeful we will get through this, in time. Until then, I’m going to get back to homeschooling my kids, which mostly involves me yelling at them to stop touching/fighting/bickering with each other and looking forward to my afternoon iced coffee. 🤪☕️ . #keepingitreal #coronadiaries #bathroom #diybathroom #kidsbathroom #colorfulbathroom #tempaperyourspace #diyhomedecor #diyhomeprojects #diyhome #beforeandafter

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Погледнете кои како да направите совршена тоалетна маса.



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Ужива кога патува и запознава различни култури, ги сака утринските прошетки во природа, многу чоколадо и кафе.

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